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    Twerking, Simon Cowell's Poloneck, Songs About Absolutely nothing Chan

    In her atlas of a poetry collection, TwERK , LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs shatters and blasts expectations of poetry, language, imagination, and social/societal existence: her poetic types stretch readers into unheard-of or at least blatantly foreign territory TwERK is a really globalized language—an sincere melting pot, as opposed to the American cliché her imagination collects ancient, modern, and seemingly futuristic references (frequently in a single line) and as a complete, TwERK dances off the dust and rust and arthritis of resisting cultural metamorphosis and hybridization. Offenders will be escorted off the dance floor and possibly banned from future dances, which includes prom. I had never tried to twerk, mainly since I fully believed my pelvis would not be able to. After taking a t


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